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We help deliver the best Intelligence Processes to support your strategic and tactical Business Decisions.

At RL Fowler Consulting, we help companies solve their intelligence puzzles by developing processes which:

  • Answer business questions
  • Proactively address business threats & opportunities
  • Expand scope of intelligence gathering
  • Identify desired knowledge areas and develop plans to address
  • Shorten time invested to implement intelligence processes

Why Implement an Intelligence Function?

  • Positive impact on both the top and bottom-line
  • Consistent monitoring of competitor and market changes which increases your company's reaction time
  • Tracking of new technologies which can change the competitive landscape of your company's business
  • Anticipation of your competitors activities within markets across M&A, pricing and actions with customers
  • A source of feedback to your business on key benchmarks vs. competition and overall market

Get a better return on your investment by allowing us to help you implement "best practices" and improve the effectiveness of your Intelligence function.