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Practice Areas

  • Intelligence Function processes are not industry specific and can be applied across industries.
  • Specific industry background in:
    • Agriculture
    • Agri-Business
    • Crop Protection
    • Seeds and Biotechnology

Case Study:  Dow AgroSciences Global Competitive Intelligence

Over 15 years ago, Robert Fowler was presented the challenge of establishing a Global Competitive Intelligence function within Dow AgroSciences.  Within 2 years, the Dow AgroSciences Competitive Intelligence approach was benchmarked by Outsell, Inc. as "Best in Class" competitive intelligence function as it applied the 5 fundamentals of best-in-class intelligence:

  1. focus and appropriate resources
  2. an aligned and integrated business model
  3. a meaningful value proposition
  4. efficient information management processes
  5. market-driven management practices

Since that time, Fowler has continued to expand and improve the performance of this function by understanding the needs of the organization and then implementing cost effective solutions and processes to deliver needed information in a cost effective manner. This leader can also help your company in establishing an intelligence function or getting more out of your current efforts. The processes have proven to be sustainable.

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